SCEE promotes A.C.E. Student Convention as a “3D Event”. It is a residential event where students can Discover their God-given gifts and abilities, where students can Develop those gifts and abilities, and where they can also learn to Dedicate their gifts and abilities to God and the ministry of Christian endeavour. Convention also offers students the opportunity to compete in a Christian context. Students may choose from over 140 different events, so it is likely that every student will find events in which they can compete in a Christian context. There events are spread across eight different categories: Academics, Physical Education (Athletics & Sport), Visual Arts, Media Arts, Manual Arts, Music (Vocal, Instrumental, and Combined), Scripture, and Platform (Speech and Drama). The South Pacific A.C.E. Student Convention Guidelines provide the criteria and information for each event and all the forms required for entry to the events. These Guidelines are available below.

The purpose of A.C.E. Student Convention is:

– To reflect the character objectives of our Lord Jesus Christ.
– To give Christian young people opportunity to develop leadership skills.
– To strive for and set a standard of excellence.
– To promote school spirit and excitement about Christian education.

A.C.E. Student Convention is an integral part of your students’ education. Convention is structured on sound educational principles and incorporates many areas not directly covered by PACE work. This leads to a well-rounded curriculum within the school or home school structure. Convention presents opportunities for students to network and socialise with their peers, and to work in groups and teams. It also provides external assessment of their entries.

Student Convention can be one of the most rewarding events in the student’s annual calendar. Students who are over 10 years of age but have not turned 20 years of age and are using the A.C.E. program in schools and/or through a homeschool provider, may attend a Regional Student Convention. When successful with their chosen events, they have the opportunity to move on to competition at a South Pacific level. They may also qualify for International Student Convention once they have turned 13 years of age.

Schools and families gain many advantages by participating in Student Convention, e.g.,

• Students learn new skills and develop Christian leadership
• Students grow in confidence.
• Students gain a sense of belonging.
• Students place their personal educational experience into a larger perspective.
• Students make new friends.
• Students showcase their gifts and abilities.
• Students’ decision making and Spiritual growth will be a by-product of the fellowship, atmosphere and challenge of the evening rallies.
• Students work collaboratively when preparing and performing in group and team events.